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Club Penguin - New Chat Bar and Unlimited Buddies Update!

Hi there penguins!

Today, Club Penguin has finally released some of the new updates that were supposed to be coming real soon. Today's first new update is the new chat bar & how you can now have unlimited buddies! Check it out.

  Club Penguin has updated the images on the buttons on your chat bar!

Club Penguin has also made it to where you type, it gives you other options for you to choose the word you would like to type to make chatting faster!

Club Penguin has made it to where you can add as many buddies as you want!

Club Penguin has added green rings around ALL of your buddies on Club Penguin so that you may identify them more quickly instead of having to open your buddy list!

Club Penguin has also updated the buddy list! You can now find penguins who aren't even on your buddy list to add, although you can't add penguins like Cadence, Rockhopper, Billybob, etc. Same rules apply! You can only get your background from the mascots when meeting them, and you can only add penguins like Billybob through meeting them on Club Penguin!

Lastly, Club Penguin has updated the little icon when you are logging in and it shows you what servers your buddies are on!

What do you think about all these new updates? Leave your comments and opinions below!

-Frosty Badge


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