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Club Penguin - Halloween Party 2011 Cheats - Catch the Candy Ghosts Scavenger Hunt Tutorial!

Hi there penguins!

Having trouble with the Catch the Candy Ghosts scavenger hunt? Well, good new! I have all of the locations of the hidden ghosts! First off, here's something you need to know: At every single location, there will be a candy pile. You must click the candy pile for the ghost to appear, then click the ghost.

First Ghost's Location: The Cove
Second Ghost's Location: In Front of the Haunt House
Third Ghost's Location: Mine Shack
Fourth Ghost's Location: Ski Village
Fifth Ghost's Location: Ski Hill
Sixth Ghost's Location: The Forest
Seventh Ghost's Location: The Beach
Eighth Ghost's Location: The Dock

At the end of the Scavenger Hunt, you may claim your prize, which is a WICKED new background full of ghosts! Check it out.

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-Frosty Badge


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