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Everything Club Penguin: Improvements!

Hi there penguins!

Recently, some of you have been noticing that I have been updating numerous amounts of graphics on my site to make them much better than the older version! Below is a list of graphics I have updated in the past month.
1) The 'Everything Club Penguin' logo

2) The iWallpapers page (now includes iPad iWallpapers)

3) Pin Tracker design

4) The 'Play' button

5) The 'Get This Tracker' button

6) The Translate page (now has new languages)

7) The G-Shop (Graphics Shop) has gotten a new design for The Fair

8) EPF Corner's font has been changed

9) Blogroll's font has been changed

10) The font in my posts have been changed

Now that you know, what do you think of these updates? Now, you are probably wondering, do I have anymore updates that I am planning? Yes I do!

1) New introduction for my videos

2) New Field-Ops Tracker design

3) Stamps page update

4) Translate page update

5) Game Cheats page update

6) Secrets page update

7) Trackers page update

8) More themes!

Of course, there is gonna be much more updates then the ones I have listed, so your gonna have to keep checking in to try to spot the updates!

Make sure to leave your comments below with your opinions about these new updates, and prepare for The Fair... it's just around the corner!

-Frosty Badge


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