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Club Penguin - TOP SECRET - Message from Director in Penguin Times!

Hi there! This message is for secret agents only...

Recently, I have discovered that Director has released a hidden message in this week's Penguin Times issue with important information about the Comm App. Below is a tutorial on how to get to the message and what the message says. Check it out.

First, you will need to open up the Penguin Times issue. In the Awesome Adventuring Ahead story, click the "Read More" button. Once you have done so, hover your mouse over the words, "extreme peak face-off".

Once you hover your mouse over the words "extreme peak face-off" the message from Director will begin to appear. Check out his full message.

The Comm App is not secure. We can not use it to send orders or information until further notice. We've learned  that Herbert is planning an attack on System Defender this week. We will reveal more of what is happening as soon as possible. Be resourceful. Be remarkable. Be Ready. -Director
Make sure to leave a comment below with your opinions about this important information released by Director. 

-Frosty Badge 


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