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Club Penguin - Field-Ops #48 Operation: Hibernation - Catching Herbert Complete Guide

Hi there penguins... or shall I say Elite Agents. 

Today, a new Field-Ops has been released for penguins all over the world to complete and capture Herbert. Although, you may not know how to do it. I've brought you a complete guide on how to capture Herbert!

What you need to do first is, go to the Command Room to accept your orders.

 Operation Hibernation has begun. Your mission: enter Herbert's lair, disable his security, and install equipment to keep him in hibernation. Start by reaching the cave and powering up the comm tower inside. This will allow us to remain in contact. Good luck.
Then, you will need to find your way to the EPF ONLY door in the Great Snow Race party room inside of the mountain! Once you have done so, enter the room.

Inside, there will be a free item for agents. You WILL need to pick it up and wear it to continue. It's a Infrared Tracker. It will be added to your head items.
Once you have put the item on, continue on through the door in the upper-left hand corner of your screen where there are Herbert's foot prints. Once you have done so, you will receive this message from Gary.

Wait Agent! EPF sensors are detecting a laser-security system. Be sure to put on your Infrared Tracker helmet. I've teleported enough equipment for the entire squad at the cave entrance.
Once you have done so, find your way through the lazer mazes. Make sure to go down the ladder in the first room, but in the second room you will need to pick up the key that is located in the upper-right hand corner of your screen.

Once you have picked it up, find your way back through the maze to the third room where you will find the sealed door. Go to the door to enter Herbert's lair. Once you have entered his lair, you will receive this message from Gary.

Agent - you've found Herbert. Remain calm, and please use extreme stealth from here on. I cannot teleport in the Mini-AC 3000 hibernation-equipment until you disable Herbert's security grid. Find it and shut it down. We're counting on you.
Throw a snowball at the power box on the right-hand side of your screen's wall to disable Herbert's security grid. Once you have done so, you will receive another message from Gary.

Excellent work. I've teleported in the parts you'll need to build a Mini-AC 3000. Carefully construct it around Herbert - making sure not to wake him. Once we turn it on, Herbert will safely fall into a deeper hibernation. Good luck.
After you have done so, use the equipment to build a glass box around Herbert and attach the Mini-AC 3000 to the box. Once you have done so, your box will look like this.

 After you have finished, you have successfully completed your Field-Ops and had caught Herbert! You will receive 3 medals and a new pin. Afterwards, you will receive this message from Gary.

You did it Agent! You've successfully captured Herbert! He will not go into a deep hibernation, which he can be kept in safely for up to 10 months. That gives us lots of time to figure out what to do with him. Well done! You and your squad have done the impossible.
All in a day's work for an agent...  make sure to leave your comments below!

-Frosty Badge