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Club Penguin - Beta Testing: Puffle Pop!

Hi there penguins!

Today, Club Penguin has released a new game for penguins to beta test on the Beta Testing site! The new game is called Puffle Pop! Below is a complete guide on how to get to the game.

First, you will need to go to the Community Blog post entitled New Test Server on Beta Team! In that post, there will be a link to the Beta Testing site, you will need to click it.

Afterwards, you will need to log into the site with your penguin's name and password. After you have done so, a penguin with a penguin will pop up. In the search bar above, you will need to type ls to bring up a list of games. Then, you will need to click the game Puffle Pop.

Once you have done so, the game Puffle Pop will appear. Check it out.

Make sure to leave your comments below about the new game, Puffle Pop!

-Frosty Badge