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Club Penguin - Arrow Keys Error in Club Penguin [Google Chrome Users]

Hi there penguins!

Recently, I have noticed that when the new Penguin Style catalog came out, that I didn't have enough coins to buy anything so I needed to earn some. In an attempt, I went to play Cart Surfer but couldn't move at all, nor do tricks. When I exited the game, I tested out my arrow keys to see if they were actually working, and they were.

I then talked to Riley with Club Penguin's Tech Support team about this problem I was experiencing. Below is his reply, and in that reply has a solution on how to counter-interact this problem.


A recent update to Google Chrome has cause problems with controlling Flash games using a keyboard. This problem is being reported all over the internet in a wide variety of applications, not just Club Penguin.

While we investigate what we can do to help resolve this issue, and wait for word from Google as to what can be done, I would encourage you to try a different internet browser in the mean time. Some alternatives to Chrome include:

• Firefox: available for free at:• Internet Explorer: already installed with Windows
• Safari: already installed with Mac OS X.

Try Chrome from time to time, and check back with us for an update later in the week. We would be happy to help in any way that we can.
As of now, I am currently using Internet Explorer and will be trying out Safari and Firefox. Internet Explorer is working fine with me, so if you are having the same error, I suggest using one of the browsers listen above to play anything Club Penguin related.

-Frosty Badge 


  1. I thought you use Firefox, like what most bloggers do!

  2. :( Chrome my favorite Browser :( anyway i will try to see the problem!

  3. I don't use chrome so I don't know about that. But there is a big bug in cp were in games like Puffle Rescue, it moves by itself. But to fix, you need to hit the arrow key that would go to the place that the charecter is moving.