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Everything Club Penguin Party Reviews: Shringo & Fretv's Summer Party!

Hi there penguins!

It's that time again. Today, I have visited yet another wicked party. Welcome to the latest Everything Club Penguin Party Reviews post! In focus today: Shringo & Fretv's Summer Party!

The party first kicked off at the Snow Forts, as you can see in the very first picture above. We waddled around from side to side meeting many penguins entering the room. Many penguins were added and have received postcards from the hosts of this FIN-TASTIC party! To keep the party moving, we had to move the party along to the Ski Hill for some sled racing! Once again, we were waddling back and forth. Penguins screaming for Fretv and Shringo to play them in some Sled Racing. Although, the Ski Hill was a blast - we had to still keep the party moving. We all had teleported to the Dojo for some ninja training with Fretv and Shringo. I played Fretv myself, although I did get beaten somehow... it was epic! This time, lots of penguins got to battle Fretv and Shringo. At this point, Shringo had somehow transformed from a penguin to a crab! What a surprise! Where shall we go next? The Ice Berg of course for some fish fights! As you can see in the second picture, we are spotted at the Ice Berg for some fun. At the time, lots of penguins were dressed up like blue crabs and a few red crabs to show their support. There were tons, although some, such as myself, stayed a penguin. More adding and postcards were received at the Ice Berg. I pelted Fretv along with a few other penguins with yellow fish. It was so much fun! The next room we visited was the Migrator. As you can see in the last picture, we are captured in a photo of us partying at Rockhopper's ship, the Migrator! A few penguins decided to head downstairs, but everyone else continued to party on deck until Fretv came up with a brilliant idea! It was time for a ship battle for member penguins! We headed to the party room for a ship battle. Shringo was on the Pirates ship, while I stayed on the Navy ship! We battled it out, unfortunately, a little into the battle Fretv had to leave the party. The party was coming to an end for me, it was just a few minutes away from 1:00pm so I said my goodbyes.  When I left, pretty much Shringo and everyone else decided it was time to end the party, they said their goodbyes as well and left the party. Thanks for inviting me, Shringo & Fretv! The party was a hit, and I look forward to going to your next party. 

Until then... party ON!

-Frosty Badge