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Everything Club Penguin: A Few Changes!

Hi there penguins!

This month, I have decided that it was time to make a few adjustments to my site. Below is a list of updates that you may have noticed around the site.
1) Everything Club Penguin is now enabled to be translated into the following languages; Russian, Filipino & German. You can access these languages by clicking here.

2) Custom Club Penguin iWallpapers have been added to the list of graphics I make at the Everything Club Penguin Graphics Shop. They are to be sold for free! You can visit my Graphics Shop in the 'Extras' section of the left-hand sidebar.

3) has gotten a new template & theme! Yes, I am already prepared for the Island Adventure Party as well... so see ya then!

4) The Everything Club Penguin Graphics Shop has gotten a new look! Check it out by clicking here.

5) Many players, including myself, are trying to help children who are abused in their life. You can participate as well. Learn how by clicking here or look at the post all the way at the top.

6) The Mascots page has been remodeled! Check it out by clicking here.

7) The Game Cheats & Secrets pages have been updated as well. To view the Game Cheats page, click here. To view the Secrets page, click here.

Thank You!

-Frosty Badge