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Everything Club Penguin Bug Watch: Party 'Construction' Stamp Glitch!

Hi there penguins!

Today, I thought it was time I started to catch up on earning my stamps to help fill up my stamp book to show everyone who actually looks at my stamp book how many I earn! Today, we take a look at a recent bug I found while earning my stamps. The stamp we are taking a look at is called "Construction" in the Party section of your stamp book! 

To earn the "Construction" stamp, all you simply have to do is use a mining hat to drill at a construction for a party. In this case, the Island Adventure Party is being constructed, so it was the perfect time to earn this stamp!

Although, that's what the stamp says to do, you can't earn this stamp at the moment. So I decided to get some information on it with Club Penguin. Today, I talked to a Club Penguin worker named Natalie. Check out what she had to say about this.

Thanks for taking a moment from waddling to send us a message. 

I'm sorry to hear you are having some pesky problems getting your flippers on the Party Construction Stamp. It seems there are some bothersome bugs in our systems, not to worry, the technical penguins are working hard to squish them. Until then why not try to get your flippers on another super stamp?  

I just had a penguin peep in your Stamp Book, it's brimming with brilliant achievements! I can see you still have a few left to earn in Catchin' Waves, they are some of the trickest stamps to collect! Why not waddle down to the Cove and practice some gnarly tricks?  

If you have any incredible ideas or baffling questions for Club Penguin, please be sure to send them our way, we are always here to lend a helping flipper! 
Thanks for your information, Natalie! It seems you can easily avoid this bug at the moment until they fix it by just earning other stamps instead of that certain one!

I hope this information will help you out with any confusion you have with this bug.

-Frosty Badge 


  1. That bug has been there since the construction for the Puffle Party. They will fix it cause they are raising the membership. And they get more money.