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Everything Club Penguin Projects: Help Save Abused Children

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Hi there penguins!

Yes, this is an very important post, and it is something you can all participate in! Recently, on Twitter, I've been advertising a project I have been working on that I really wish to get completed and published. Now that everything is organized, I want to actually get it done.

I have been volunteering at a school with younger kids for a year now. During my time spent there, I have seen numerous kids who have signs of them being abused at home. I've read online about this matter and found out about some interesting facts. I found out that thousands of children pass away each year. I learned that, children are scarred for life due to child abuse when they were younger. I have also learned that children can come out with defects due to child abuse before being born. I want to put an end to this matter. I think it's time I actually try to do something. In order to even attempt to get something done about this, I will need your help!

How You Could Help

Send in an email to either or telling them that you think it is time for change. Send this;

"Recently, Frosty Badge has come up with the idea for you guys to add a new fund to the list of causes that get donated to during Coins for Change each year. I agree, that it is time that we should be enabled to donate our coins to help stop child abuse. Please make this happen!"

How To Spread The Word

Twitter - click this;

YouTube - Send this YouTube video link to everyone you know and more;

Websites - Got a website? Copy this post and make a post on your blog with it!

Support Banner - Add this support banner code to your AdSpace or anywhere else someone can see it on your site - <center><a href=""><img src="" /></a></center>

Any other ways you can think of that'll spread the word, do it! We will need as much help as we could get as possible. Thanks for your participation.

-Frosty Badge


  1. Thats sad :^( I think thats a good idea and I will put the video on my to help spread the word. I will also add you to my blogroll. Good luck!

  2. I will tell penguins about this on my blog! =)

    Your friend

  3. i have emailed Cp about this idea they said they agree to stop child abuse they will tell people in charge of coins for change and may have it as a fund.

  4. this is a really good idea I will spread the word, if I put your link on my blog can you do the same, its on the right hand side of my blog
    thanks :) xx