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Everything Club Penguin Party Reviews: Monchocho, Dupple & Niceplayer's Music Jam Party!

Hi there penguins!

The time has come once again for another Everything Club Penguin Party Review! This time, I'm featuring Monchocho, Dupple & Niceplayer's Music Jam party! Check out some of these pictures I took from the party! Also, a video will most likely be released on my YouTube channel at some point of me at the party. Click here to visit my channel!

During the party, penguins have spotted a few well known Club Penguin players around the island here for the party! You may know them as Loki Terry and Jmann93! When I first arrived to the party, the Cove was completely full, so we partied at the Forest! In the first picture, you can see us waddling all around the room attempting to keep up with Monchocho's fast moves. We had to keep the party moving, so we waddled to the Mine! There, you could see in the second picture, us waddling around the room with Monchocho and Dupple! Into the Mine Shack we went, dancing in corners and waddling back and forth. To keep the party going, we attempted to get into the underground pool, but the room was full! So we partied there till we could move the party up to the Plaza! By the time we got to the plaza, I decided to try to find some other members of the party! Backstage I went, only to find Jmann93 on the couch dressed as a bunny (picture #3) asking us to hide him. Little did I know that it was his plan to call himself a fake to avoid stealing the party (told by other penguins). Very smart! I went to find Monchocho again, he was at the Dock! I then found myself at the Beach, while Monchocho was still located at the Dock. I was doing a news report with another penguin with the cameras set up. I told a news report about how Franky went missing on the Ski Hill, then noticed that Monchocho waddled up to the Ski Hill so I teleported there! Apparently, Monchocho was racing penguins in a few Sled Races! Over to the Casa Fiesta we went for a EPIC conga line with Monchocho! Oh... I noticed it was just a few minutes away from the next Penguin Band performance at the Ice Berg. I announced I was going to watch, then left. Monchocho must have noticed as well and followed just in time for the performance.  I noticed Niceplayer was there as well. What an wicked way to end the party! Great job, Monchocho, Dupple & Niceplayer! See ya at the next party!

-Frosty Badge


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