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Everything Club Penguin Party Reviews: Lebron Jr 23's 1 Million Hits Party!

Hi there penguins!

Welcome to another Everything Club Penguin Party Review. Today's review is about Lebron Jr 23's 1 Million Hits party recently spotted on the server Tuxedo! In this world record party, Lebron Jr 23 has taken his party to various locations around the island, only I was there to catch some room! Check them out.

When I arrived, we were dancing the day away at the Night Club Rooftop! Of course, that is my favorite room - so I danced till I couldn't dance anymore there. By the time my shoes were worn out, it was time we move the party to the Ice Berg! When we arrived there, it was about time for Penguin Band to come out and perform, so on the stage we went dancing once more! The music and dancing was EVERYTHING needed for an OUTSTANDING party! Once Penguin Band had left, Lebron Jr 23 had given us a hint to where his next location would be.

WE ARE GOING TO A PLACE VERY "COZY" to me next.. That's your hint.. Keep those maps ready and open ;D
Lebron Jr 23 had opened his igloo to the public, for our next location to JAM out during his 1 million hits party! We danced all over the igloo. During the time we spent in his igloo, Lebron Jr 23 had gotten many penguins smiling (probably for a picture for his blog)! We continued to dance till we just couldn't dance anymore! By that time - it was time for Lebron Jr 23 to go. Everyone had said their goodbyes and Lebron Jr 23 had left the server. Many penguins enjoyed this party, and I was one of them. This is truly a party fit to be in a world records book. I look forward to visiting the next one.

-Frosty Badge


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