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Everything Club Penguin Party Reviews - DoytleCP's Sweet Summer Party

Hi there penguins!

A penguin named DoytleCP has recently had a party today. Yes, I was invited, therefore I thought it was time for me to introduce something new to this site... Everything Club Penguin Party Reviews! Anyways, let's get down to business. Today's Party Review is on DoytleCP's Sweet Summer  Party. Check out some of these cool pictures I managed to take.

The party was amazing. When I logged in, I immediately got my puffle, Rawr. We headed on down the location I knew Doytle was at. Yes, I came late - unfortunately. When I arrived, the penguins were at the Cove! All around the fire pit, Doytle and tons of other penguins were dancing, crowding her and attempting to get her to add someone. Of course - I didn't get a picture of us at the cove, so let's talk about some of the pictures I've gotten. In the first picture, we are seen dancing at the tip of the Ice Berg with Doytle! Many were screaming, some were following her from around the Ice Berg and some were even off partying on their own! In the second picture, we are spotted in Dotyle's intriguing igloo. We first started off partying in her igloo by sitting down and having a delicious meal. The party than got wild as Doytle left her seat and waddled about her igloo with penguins following her. Penguins were everywhere! In the second picture, you can see us crowded around Doytle's pond as she was taking a swim, haha! Lastly, in the third picture - we are seen crowded around Doytle at the Dock. Many were attempting to get Doytle to add her. Since it was a party, we might as well dance. Which is exactly what we were doing next to the boat to go Hydro Hoppin'. Doytle's party was amazing, and I look forward to any more from her in the future! See ya there, penguins, and keep an eye on the blog for any more Everything Club Penguin Party Reviews!

-Frosty Badge


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