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Everything Club Penguin Conversations: Facts About Penguin Band!

Hi there penguins!

With all of this excitement of tracking down Penguin Band, them getting new looks and more, I thought it was time for me to finally do another 'Everything Club Penguin Conversations' based on Penguin Band! I have talked with a Club Penguin Support Representative named Amie. Check out this conversation!
QuestionWhere did the rest of the Penguin Band find Franky? 
AnswerFranky first played with the Penguin Band at the Western Party in 2006.  We do not know for sure if this is the first time Franky met the Penguin Band though.

QuestionWhere does the Penguin Band go when they're not visiting Club Penguin? 
AnswerI have heard that when the Penguin Band is not visiting our island, they are working on new songs and practicing their music.  

QuestionWhat are their favorite things to do when not playing instruments? 
AnswerWhen Franky is not playing music, he enjoys spending time with puffles.  If he wasn't in the band, he would still be working at the Pet Shop! G Billy really likes to make pizzas in his spare time and Petey K likes to produce music for penguin's igloos.  As for Stompin' Bob, he really enjoys writing poems! 

QuestionWhen was the Penguin Band first spotted in Club Penguin? 
AnswerThe Penguin Bands first appearance on Club Penguin was at the Christmas Party back in 2005. 

QuestionWhat is some of the music that the Penguin Band has composed? 
AnswerThere are no records of which music the Penguin Band composed, but I would like to think that they inspired a lot of it even if they did not write it themselves!  

QuestionWhat is the Penguin Band's favorite server?
AnswerWhen the Penguin band visits Club Penguin, they do not have a server that is their favorite.  Since they want to see as many of their fans as they can, they will always try to go to as many servers as possible during their visit! 

QuestionIs any of the Penguin Band secret agents?
AnswerThe Penguin Band members are not secret agents as they do not have time for such a big responsibility.  If they had more free time outside of their music, I am sure that some of them would be interested in helping out with the EPF though!   

QuestionDoes Penguin Band know about Herbert? 
AnswerSince they are not secret agents, they would not know about Herbert unless something was posted about him in the newspaper.  

QuestionI've heard that G Billy is a different shade of blue than what other penguins can be, is that true? 
AnswerG Billy does not have a special color that he wears but he does wear a unique hat that no one outside of the Penguin Band has! 

QuestionHow come there isn't Penguin Band plush toys yet?
AnswerSo far, no Penguin Band plush toys have been released. However, there is always a chance they could become available in the future!

QuestionWhere did Penguin Band find they're hats? 
AnswerWe do not know exactly where the Penguin Band got their hats, but I would assume that they were custom made since they were not available in the Penguin Style catalog. 

Question Is there a certain meaning to Penguin Band's hats before they got a new look, if so, what is it?
Answer:My guess about why the penguin band wears these hats is because it shows others who may not know about them that they are a band.

I hope that solves some of your questions you had about Penguin Band! I know they sure did for me. Make sure to check the next upcoming post for a new video I have recently uploaded to my YouTube channel! Those who read the post, will be the first to see the video!

-Frosty Badge


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