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Club Penguin - New Map Complete Tutorial!

Hi there penguins!

Today, Club Penguin has updated the old map to go other places. So, I have decided to give you a complete tutorial on how to use it and what the map looks like!

The first map overlooks the whole island with nothing highlighted. You can click the icons at the upper left-hand side of the map to highlight certain areas of the map. "Games" will highlight the locations of games located in Club Penguin. "Places" will highlight most of the places you can go in Club Penguin, some places are hidden though... "Shops" will highlight all of the places you can buy items in Club Penguin. Lastly, "Pets" will highlight all of the places you can adopt a pet from! Click the icons on the map to take you places.

The map seen below has highlighted all of the games you can play in Club Penguin. Games: Sled Racing, Ice Fishing, Jet Pack Adventure, Arcade Games, DJ3K, Bean Counters, Dance Off, Card-Jitsu, Puffle Launch, Puffle Roundup, Pizzatron 3000, Cart Surfer, Puffle Rescue, Aqua Grabber and Catchin' Waves!

In the map below, most of the rooms enabled for you to go to, although some rooms aren't highlighted, but you can still go to them. Some rooms are hidden... Places: Ski Hill, Ski Village, Beach, Dock, Town, Igloos, Stadium, Snow Forts, Dojo Courtyard, Plaza, Mine, Forest, Cove! Hidden Places: Ice Berg

In the map below, all of the shops located in Club Penguin are highlighted! Shops: Game Upgrade, Music Catalog, Penguin Style, Snow and Sports, Pet Furniture and Costume Trunk

Lastly, in the map below, all of the places where you can adopt pets are highlighted. You may notice that it is only one, and the pet is called a puffle!

-Frosty Badge


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