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Club Penguin - New Better Igloos Catalog Cheats! (June 2011)

Hi there penguins!

How long were you waiting for some AWESOME new furniture to furnish your igloo for a concert? Well, that time has come with today's new Better Igloos catalog based on this year's Music Jam! Check out all the new items and hidden items!

Item: Piano Bench
Location: Middle of Radiant Rocker

Item: Microphone
Location: First note on Musical Motif

Item: Guitar Stand
Location: Red part of single flare

Item: Terracotta Pot
Location: Black guitar on Dynamic Drums

Item: Terracotta Vase
Location: Center of Busking Case

Item: Band Stage
Location: Second leg from the left on the Party Platter

Item: Terracotta Pitcher
Location: Blue part of laser lights

Item: Tropical Palm
Location: Third light to the right on Concert Lights

Item: Disco Ball
Location: Brown knobs on Guitar Amp

-Frosty Badge


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