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Club Penguin - How To Add Your DJ3K Recorded Music As Your Igloo Music!

Hi there penguins!

Wondering how to get the music you record with the DJ3K as your igloo music? Well, below is a complete tutorial on how to do just that! WARNING: You must be a member to do so.

First off, you will need to head down to DJ3K! Choose the track you want to mix, and then start! Make sure to click the red record button at the top!

Once you've finished, click the stop button (record button) and your music will stop recording. SAVE YOUR MUSIC!! After you save your music, head to your igloo and open up the igloo music section. You will be able to choose your saved DJ3K music at the top. Check it out!

Have fun, DJ penguins!

-Frosty Badge


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