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Club Penguin - Herbert Is Gone, Construction Begins!

Hi there penguins!

Recently today, agent Dot of the Elite Penguin Force had sent us an new message which you can check out by clicking here. In that message, she stated that Herbert was gone so I decided to go check it out. Take a look at the Everyday Phoning Facility's rooftop.

Construction has begun to help rebuild the Everyday Phoning Facility rooftop! Grab a construction helmet at the Cave Mine, and head on down to the Everyday Phoning Facility rooftop.  In other news - penguins are worried that Herbert is going to try something else, considering the fact that the "leaked" board of future Club Penguin events stated that there would be a blackout. Now - we do not know if that is exactly true, but what do you think? Do think think Herbert could cause the blackout? Comment below!

-Frosty Badge


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