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Club Penguin - Penguin Times Issue #293 Secret Herbert Message!

Hi there penguins!

Recently today, a user named 'CPCS4U' on Twitter has informed me that there was a secret message from Herbert located in the Classifieds section of this week's Penguin Times issue!

How can you find this secret message? Head to the Classifieds section of the Penguin Times issue #293, and open it up. Once you have, open it up. Then, scroll your mouse over the word "Stealth" and the message should fade in! Don't click, or it won't appear - just scroll over the word.

Greetings Extremely Pointless Fowl... Prepare for a menace of medieval magnitude! First the EPF - then the island! Signed - H.P.B. & K.T.C.
 Uhh... "magnitude"? That really doesn't sound too good.

-Frosty Badge


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