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Club Penguin - Medieval Party - Medieval Quest 3 Tutorial

Hi there penguins!

As you all know, the Medieval Party has come out today. Therefore meaning - there's a new Medieval Quest for both knights and princesses to complete! 

First off, you will need to enter the 3rd cave at the Underground Pool. After wards, your first quest is to uncover the correct colored gems.

Your next challenge is to make it to the over side! Good luck!

Just keep moving now, make sure to collect your shield!

Now then, your last challenge is to defeat the 3 dragons! Make the lava fall on them. They're life points is on the left-hand side. Once they are all gone, you've won!

In the next room,  you are enabled to celebrate your victory! Get the body piece of your new knight's armor!

-Frosty Badge


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