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Club Penguin - Field-Ops #47 Official Tutorial (Beating Herbert)

Hi there penguins!

Today, as you know, Hebert has attacked the island once more only to find the EPF there and ready. Earlier today, he trashed the Everyday Phoning Facility and cowered up to the roof. We followed. Some people don't know how to beat him, well I do. Below is a complete tutorial to beating Herbert.

If it does not begin once you enter the room with Herbert in it, log into a different language server.

First, you will need to walk up to the roof of the Everyday Phoning Facility by using the ladder. Afterwards, Herbert will turn around and begin talking to you.

After Herbert has finished talking, the three robotic dragons members had to fight against during the Medieval Party will fly down. Herbert will jump off the ledge into one of them.

How to Defeat the Red Dragon - Throw snowballs at the red dragon until it is defeated. Make sure not to be standing on a tile on the flooring that is light up red, the red dragon will zap you out of the room if you are. Simply waddle to a tile that isn't glowing red to avoid it's zaps.

How to Defeat the Blue Dragon - Throw snowballs at the target on the Cauldron 3000 when right above the blue dragon. Laval will fall out of the Cauldron 3000 onto the blue dragon causing it to break down after multiple hits.

How to Defeat the Yellow Dragon - When the yellow dragon begins to attack, tiles on the floor will light up yellow. Walk onto the yellow tiles with the white knight shield from the Medieval Party 2011 party. Your shield will reflect the yellow dragon's zaps back at it causing it to be destroyed. Other Way - Step on the green section of tiles that are glowing yellow to reflect the yellow dragon's zaps.

Once you have defeated them, two items will fly out of the sky. On the left side will be a EPF badge pin. On the right side will be one out of three dragon heads. To get all three, you must defeat Herbert three times without logging off. You can them use them as decorations in your igloo! Although - nonmembers will not see these dragon heads available for them to pick up, they will only see the EPF badge pin.

-Frosty Badge


  1. I only get the yellow one! I never get the blue or red! What happens.