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Club Penguin - Field-Ops #46

Hi there penguins!

Today, a new Field-Ops has been released! Below is directions on how to successfully complete this Field-Ops.

First - you will need to head down to the Command Room to accept your Field-Ops.

We still have not discovered Herbert's plan, and time is running out. The Medieval Party ends this week. Search the island one last time. Look for suspicious signals, devices, ANYTHING that might give us a clue.
Then, waddle on down to the Ski Village. 

Your Elite Penguin Force Spy Phone will then blink green. Click it to begin your Field-Ops. You must break the code! Scan symbols to find the right combination!

After your finished, you will receive a medal and this message from Herbert.

Hello Agent. Surprised to hear from me? It's been a while since we've spoken face to face. Wondering what I'm up to? I'm sure you are. But you'll have to wait a little longer.

-Frosty Badge 


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