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Club Penguin - Field-Ops #45

Hi there penguins!

I noticed today that my Elite Spy Phone was blinking red, of course, that means there is a new Field-Ops out! Below is a complete guide of what you need to do to complete this Field-Ops!

First, head down to the Command Room to receive your Field-Ops.

Herbert has informed us he may strike during the Medieval Party. We have no clues for what he's planning. Do a full security sweep of the island. Make sure citizens are safe, and watch out for anything suspicious. 
Next, head down to the Underground Pool or the 'Cave'.  Then, waddle to the bottom-right hand corner of the room, exactly where i'm standing.

Once you have done so, your spy phone will blink green! Click it to begin your Field-Ops. You must destroy the circuits! Match circuit symbols to overload the wiring. Be quick! Time is running out!

After you have completed your Field-Ops, you will receive a medal and this message from Herbert!

(You found a tracking device hidden in the gold. There's a message attached to it.) Klutzy! Hide this tracking device in the room we talked about. This is step one in our plan. Make sure to hide it somewhere those Ear Picking Fools won't find it!
 Looks like we've already found it. Good job agents!

-Frosty Badge


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