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Club Penguin - Beta Testing 'Fluffy The Fish' Tutorial

Hi there penguins!

Recently, Club Penguin has updated they're Beta Testing list with a new game to test out. This game is called 'Fluffy The Fish' so here's a tutorial on how to find the game, and how to play it!

First, you must go to the Community blog and click on the word "Team" on the Purple Dragon Update blog post.

Next, you will need to login with your penguin's name and password.

Afterwards, enter in the command 'ls' and go to "Fluffy The Fish"

Here's how to play. Use your direction keys to move, and you have to eat smaller fishes than your fish! Be careful: some fishes can eat you!

If you plan on going to the Fluffy The Fish Art Concepts, do the same instructions as I said above, except you click "Fluffy The Fish Art Concepts"

After- this art should pop up!

-Frosty Badge


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