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Club Penguin - Beta Testing Back! (Skyscraper)

Hi there penguins!

Previously, Billybob has created a new blog post on the Medieval Party! Well guess what - the word "Team" is linked again! You may now beta test a new game soon to come out, Skyscraper! How can you access it? Follow these directions!

Go to the community blog post "Medieval Party Is Almost Here" and click the word "Team" at the end of the post.

Login with your penguin's name and password.

At the top, type "LS" for a list of games! Then, click the game "Skyscraper"

You are now enabled to play Skyscraper! Although, there are a few others such as 'Snow Cone' and 'Rollerscape Extra Levels', although when I tried those out, they didn't work.

Here's a video if you don't feel like reading and rather would watch.

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