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Club Penguin - Accessing The Beta Team Site!

Hi there penguins!

Recently, Happy77 had released a video of her logging into a beta team site and playing a new game to come out, Rollerscape. Well today, I am going to show you how to access that too!

First, you will need to go to the Community Blog! Click here to go to the exact post you need to go to. Then, click the "Team" word at the end of the blog post.

You will then arrive at the beta team site!

You will need to log in with your penguin name and password.

After you had logged in, scroll up the the "Commands" section and type "Help" then click enter. Soon after, a list of commands will pop up!

List of Commands:

ls: list all the games.

play [game name]: opens the game and its description. eg. play Robots

rate [y/n]: rates how much you like a game - type "rate y" if you like it, type "rate n" if you don't.

comment [user comment]: submits a comment about the game.

clear: clears the screen.

logout: logs you out.

To get to Rollerscape, type "play Rollerscape 1.0" and you will be directed to Rollerscape!

Give credit!

-Frosty Badge


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