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Everything Club Penguin: Help Your Environment, Get A Coin Code!

Hi there penguins!

As many of you know, Earth Day is coming up fast along with the Earth Day party! To help celebrate Earth Day, I decided to visit the red wood forest! 

You probably read the title, and are wondering. How can I get a coin code? Well here is how you can! Below is a list of things you can do to help your environment! They're easy. Just do any one of the environment-friendly activities and send it into me with a picture proving that you had done it, your penguin name, your email address and if you have one, your Twitter account!

Send your submission to

Things You Can Do To Help:

1) Recycle - recycle anything that is recyclable. Recyclable products include: glass, paper, metal, plastic, textiles, and electronics. Take a picture of you recycling products!

2) Plant a plant - you can buy a plant from any store near you and plant it outside! Maybe you can have enough time to buy seeds and grow your own plant! Take a picture of the plant.

3) Clean - go outside, it can be anywhere, and clean up some trash in the grass! Make sure not to trespass. Take a picture of you cleaning up the trash!

4) Spread the word - get others to join the fun! Form a group whether it's on Club Penguin or in real life to help the environment! Remember to take a picture of your group.

5) Get noticed - make a sign, ask a parent/guardian to go outside whether it's a street corner or somewhere else that's safe enough for you to hold a sign up that says something about helping your environment! Have someone take a picture of you with the sign.

How A Winner Will Be Chosen

On the day the Earth Day party ends, I will put all of the names of the users who participated in this event into a hat. I will then draw out a name and whoever's name comes out of the hat will receive the coin code! (Me choosing a name will most likely be live)

-Frosty Badge


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