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Everything Club Penguin Conversations: Facts About Rockhopper!

Hi there penguins!

Considering the fact that this is my 200th post, I have decided to make it an Everything Club Penguin Conversation post! This time, it is based on Rockhopper! Now, I know many of you have met Rockhopper, so you may know some of the answers to these questions. Although, most of them are unlikely for you to know.

Today's Everything Club Penguin, I asked Club Penguin Support's Amanda about Rockhopper! Below are questions and replies.
Frosty Badge: How old is Rockhopper?

Amanda: No one really knows how old Rockhopper is! It's a mystery.

Frosty BadgeI've heard about Rockhopper island, and seen a picture of it in one of the books at the Book Room. How come we can't visit the island? 

AmandaAt this time, Captain Rockhopper is the only penguin who has ever visited Rockhopper Island. We think it's where he goes to relax after his long voyages at sea! He probably keeps some treasure there too. Maybe one day Rockhopper will let us visit his island, but for now we'll just have to ask him stories about it! 

Frosty Badge: Where did Rockhopper find his hat?

AmandaI bet Rockhopper found his pirate hat during one of his many voyages. He always finds awesome items during his travels! You should ask him about his hat the next time you see him. 

Frosty BadgeIs there any chance that Rockhopper and Sensei are brothers? They look alike!

AmandaI don't think Rockhopper and Sensei are brothers. I think the only relation they have is that they are both penguins with beards! They definitely have completely different personalities, don't you think?

Frosty BadgeWhy does Rockhopper only visit Club Penguin every 2 months?

AmandaCaptain Rockhopper spends a lot of his time sailing the seas on his ship, The Migrator. Did you know Rockhopper built his own ship? The Migrator is his pride and joy so he spends as much time as he can traveling on it. 

Frosty BadgeDoes Rockhopper have a favorite food? If so, what is it? 

AmandaFrom what I've heard, Rockhopper's favorite food is definitely pizza with stinky cheese. The Captain sure loves that old cheese! I also know that his favorite drink is cream soda! 

Frosty BadgeWhat does Rockhopper like to do on his free time? 

Amanda In his spare time, Rockhopper definitely likes to sail the seas on his ship and hang out with his best bud, his red puffle Yarr. He finds a lot of cool items and trinkets during his travels, and usually brings gifts back for his penguin pals on Club Penguin. Rockhopper loves his treasure hunts! He is the only penguin who has ever traveled around the other islands. 

Frosty BadgeDoes Rockhopper ever chat with the other mascots of Club Penguin? 

Amanda I know that Rockhopper has met Aunt Arctic as she has interviewed him for the Club Penguin Times newspaper before. I'm not sure who else he has met, but I know that if he ever ran into any other penguin he would definitely chat with him. Rockhopper loves to talk! 

Frosty BadgeDoes Rockhopper ever meet any other pirate penguins out at sea? 

AmandaI bet Rockhopper meets other pirate penguins during his travels. You should ask him about the penguins he meets! I'm sure he'd love to tell you all about them. I do know that he always refers to every penguin he meets as a pirate. Everyone is a pirate to Rockhopper! 

I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Amanda from Club Penguin Support! Do you have any question you'd like to see answered in the next Everything Club Penguin Conversation? Send it into

-Frosty Badge


  1. this is a question i want to ask about rockhopper heard a lot of club penguin people has been on rockhopper's ship and eas there hiding on his during he was sailing to his island.Or rockhopper saw them and got sent back to that true.