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Everything Club Penguin Conversations: Facts About Rookie!

Hi there penguins!

I'm thinking about starting a series of Everything Club Penguin Conversations every Saturday. Do you think that's a good choice? Leave a comment below!

Anyways, a few days ago I asked Club Penguin for some facts on Rookie. Today, I had finally received a reply with the answers! Let's check out the conversation.
Frosty Badge: Does Rookie have a puffle? If so, what color of puffle?

Nathan (Club Penguin Support): So far, we do not know if he has a puffle or not. He is an EPF agent, so many secrets about his life yet remained unknown. Although, Rookie has told us that he has a pet rock!

Frosty Badge: Does Rookie have a favorite server as many penguins say he does?

Liam (Club Penguin Support): Rookie doesn't have a favorite server that we know of. We've been getting emails from penguins playing in all sorts of different servers who have been lucky enough to meet him. However we do know that Rookie loves being silly in the Box Dimension with as many penguins as he can, so the more penguins that are in a sever, the better chance you'll have at seeing him again.

Frosty Badge: Penguins keep saying Rookie is a bot. Is that true?

Liam (Club Penguin Support): Rookie is not a bot. He's a regular penguin just like you or I with a very silly personality that loves to meet new friends.

Frosty Badge: What is Rookie's favorite hobbies?

Nathan (Club Penguin Support): His favourite hobbies are cooking fish and extreme ironing. Also, he really like playing 'I Spy'. 

Thanks for your time, Club Penguin Support!

-Frosty Badge