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Everything Club Penguin Animal Experience: Meeting The African Penguins!

Hi there penguins!

As before, you have probably seen some new things coming to my site that have to do with blog posts. Recently, 'Everything Club Penguin Conversations' had come out. Well today, I have decided to come out with something else that is new!

Today, I had recently visited Marine World (United Kingdom). There are many animals there, although, I have decided to focus on just one considering the fact that this is a Club PENGUIN blog. Today's star animals . . . the African Penguins!

To get this Everything Club Penguin Animal Experience started, here are some interesting facts on the African Penguins!

1) African Penguins are known for their black webbed feet.

2) A African Penguin's diet is mainly made up of anchovies, sardines, round herrings and horse mackerel!

3) African Penguins don't like to build nests near each other. They have to build them far apart. 

4) African Penguins can grow up to 18 inches tall.

5) African Penguins can swim in the water up to 20 miles per hour.

So, what do you think of this new idea? Soon, when I meet some more interesting animals I will make some more Animal Experience posts!
-Frosty Badge


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