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Club Penguin - Field-Ops #42

Hi there penguins!

Today, a new Field-Ops has been released for all agents around the island to complete! First, you must head down to the Command Room to receive your mission.

Attention - this is only a drill. Agent D has prepared a special Stealth training exercise. She has hidden a micro-computer in an everyday object. Search the island for it, but try to remain undetected.
Next, head to the Coffee Shop and walk up the the plant in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Next, you will need to decrypt the Passcode. Match the shape on the right to decode the security. Be quick - the system will lock you out in thirty seconds!

After you complete your Field-Ops, you will receive this message from Dot.

Great work agent! Not only did you find the micro-computer, but you cracked its password and stayed undercover. Excellent Stealth skills! Question: do you have a favorite class? Think on it. G will explain more about classes this week. 
-Frosty Badge


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