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Club Penguin - Community Blog Post - Screenhog On Puffle History: Part 2

Hi there penguins!

Today, Screenhog had made a 'Part 2' to his previous community blog post, Screenhog On Puffle History. Let's see what interesting facts Screenhog has for us this time!

Hi everyone! Screenhog here, with part two of puffle origins. This time, let's talk about the purple, red, and yellow puffles. 
In 2006, the purple puffle was the fifth puffle type to be discovered. The first penguin known to have a purple puffle was Aunt Arctic, but one day, she lost it. She turned to the Penguin Secret Agency for help, and the purple puffle was found. Soon after, other purple puffles populated the Pet Shop. (Say that three times fast.)
blog_110412a.pngThe red puffle came soon after, and was brought by Rockhopper as a special Christmas gift. Red puffles are native to Rockhopper Island, and only arrived on Club Penguin after hitching a ride on Rockhopper's ship!
The next puffle was the yellow puffle in November 2007. Yellow puffles, who love anything artistic, kept themselves hidden for years. But when penguins started to build a Stage, they were too curious to stay away any longer. 
blog_110412c.pngThat's all for now! Next time, it's the stories of the last three puffle colors!

Thanks, Screenhog!

-Frosty Badge


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