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Everything Club Penguin Conversations: Screenhog Working With Rocketsnail!

Hi there penguins!

Today, Rocketsnail had announced in a post that Screenhog had decided to join his team! Exciting right? I managed to get a small conversation with the great Rocketsnail himself on Twitter! Take a look at the conversation!
RocketsnailThe pig and the snail have joined forces. RocketSnail Games welcomes Screenhog to the team.

Frosty BadgeAwesome!! Can you share what you guys plan on doing together first?

RocketsnailWe plan to make games!

Frosty BadgeThat's sounds awesome!! I'm thinking about making a blog post about this on my site, if that's ok, is there anything you have to say about working with Screenhog that I could put into the post like how excited you are or something?

RocketsnailI am very excited to be working with the talented Mr. Screenhog. He will be working part-time as an animator.

Wow!! An animator?! That sounds like there's going to be some awesome graphics in the games they create! I can't help to wonder, what game are they going to be working on? I'm sure Rocketsnail wouldn't say, it's a secret!! Thanks for the conversation, Rocketsnail!

Rocketsnail's site:
Screenhog's site:

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