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Everything Club Penguin Conversations: Penguin Ideas!

Hi there penguins!

Have you ever wondered what some of the creations around the island of Club Penguin were suggested by players just like you? Well, I decided to finally ask Club Penguin about that! Here's what I got in reply!
Frosty Badge: Hi there, Club Penguin! What are some of the ideas that Club Penguin players have suggested to you guys that we now see in Club Penguin?

Andre (Club Penguin Support): Hey there, We take feedback and suggestions from players all around the world every day and we use it to move forward with the site.  Several clothing items such as the Jet Pack items and the Tree costume were both very successful items that everyone loved, and they were player suggestions.  Other things like being able to save your igloo's that you purchased, the Music Jam Party and Pizzatron3000 were all ideas and suggestions that other penguins gave to us. 

Frosty Badge: Thanks for the information! I bet they were very successful! The Music Jam is actually my current favorite Club Penguin party! Hopefully next year it will be even more of a blast than last year!

Carly (Club Penguin Support): Welcome back Frosty Badge, I am sure that it will be more popular than last year. Our Club Penguin team is working on many cool ideas to go into this year's Music Jam festival! Maybe even a special visit will be made.

Frosty Badge: I hope so! Maybe even the Penguin Band? They're a cool band! I want their stamp as well =)

Well, penguins! I hope this information is taken into mind the next time you wonder what some ideas have been submitted into Club Penguin, and actually used!

Frosty Badge, logging off! 


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