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Club Penguin - Field Ops 35

Hi there penguins!

Did you know that there's a new Field Ops mission for the Elite Penguin Force today? Take a look below for the cheats on how to complete this field ops!

First, you will need to head down to the Command Room to accept your mission! Take a look at your mission below.

Red alert! Radar is picking up a large group of incoming mini-wheel bots. We're ready for them this time! Work together to find the exact spot the bots are headed for. Then use our new radar defense to take them out.
Next, head to the Ski Village! In the picture, head to the corner that all the penguins are standing in for your EPF Spy Phone to go off!

But wait...there's something new to do! You must destroy the incoming targets!

How To Play:

Enter in the correct coordinates. The bottom numbers are considered 'X' coordinates. The numbers on the left going up is considered the 'Y' coordinates! Press the two numbers needed to hit the target.

After you finish, you'll receive this message from Herbert:

WHAT??! HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU DESTROY ALL MY BOTS?! Do you have any idea how long it took to create all of them??? They don't just grow on trees! Mark my words - you will not be so lucky again!
That's scary...

-Frosty Badge


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