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Frosty Badge Interviews Jennelle From Club Penguin Support

Hi there penguins!

I have decided to interview a member from Club Penguin Support! Check it out:

Question - What do you do at Club Penguin?
Answer -  I work as a Player Support Representative (PSR) here at Club Penguin. PSRs ensure that everybody is being safe on the site by online moderating and reviewing the reports players send into us. We also answer the emails penguins send in!

Question - What made you want to work there?
AnswerHelping to ensure that players are having a safe and fun experience online is important to me. I like the values Club Penguin has, and felt that this was a great place to work!

Question -   What requirements do you need in order to do your job correctly at Club Penguin?
AnswerWe need to be friendly and ready to answer any questions penguins ask. It is also a requirement to be over the age of 18 to work at Club Penguin. 

Question – How many people do you think do the same job as you at your department?
Answer  -  There are many people here at the office that work as PSRs. Did you know that we also have offices in Brighton, England and Sydney, Australia and São Paulo, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina?

QuestionWhat is the Club Penguin team currently doing to prepare for upcoming events in Club Penguin?
AnswerThe Club Penguin Team is preparing for the new catalog that will be coming out on February 4th, and are working on new ideas for different parties such as surprises and free items to be given out.

QuestionHave you ever worked close with Lane Merrifield before?
Answer -   Most of the Club Penguin Team works “closely” with the rest of the team to ensure safety around the island and to come up with new ideas. 

Thanks Jennelle!

-Frosty Badge


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