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Club Penguin - Director's Profile & Background

Hi there penguins!

A long time ago, I was really into working with Club Penguin on graphics and ideas for a better Club Penguin!

One of my ideas was Director becoming a penguin to waddle around Club Penguin. Many designs were created, until I finally stuck with one. That graphic was:

Later on in life, I payed close attention to Director's clothing items, came up with what his clothing items possibly look like from the EPF badge, then came up with this profile:

Afterwards, Club Penguin a pair of EPF goggles came out in the very last PSA mission. I thought to myself...."What if those are the glasses Director is wearing?" Hence forth, I created this:

Now in-days that System Defender had rose and I could get a very clear reading on what Director looks like, I became bored and decided to create this profile:

Of course, every mascot needs a background! So I came up with these designs:

Yes, I do plan on sending these images into Club Penguin to get their opinion on if they can come out with these images! Wish me luck!

-Frosty Badge


  1. What did you use to make these pictures.

  2. hmm maybe but still in this date he is still not here but now HERBERT you can meet!

  3. Can you believe Aunt Artic is the Directer!

  4. i haven't played on Club Penguin for that long so i never found out until now. THANK YOU GOOGLE!!!!