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Secrets: The Box Dimension

You've most likely heard of there being hidden rooms in Club Penguin, but have you heard of the Box Dimension before? The Box Dimension is one of Club Penguin's best hidden rooms. Not that many penguins have access to this room anymore. In order to be able to access the Box Dimension, you will need to have a portal in your furniture inventory, or use a portal in another penguin's igloo. If you have a friend who has a portal at their igloo, you can use that as well by waddling on top of the purple-glowing box. 

Sometimes during parties like the Puffle Party, Club Penguin opens a portal up in one of their decorated rooms that allows penguins to access this room. In recent the recent Puffle Party for 2014, Club Penguin did not open a portal up for penguins to access this room.

The Box Dimension was founded during the April Fools Day party in the year of 2009. In the year following the Box Dimension's first appearance, a rare and goofy orange Puffle had been spotted floating around inside of a box. At the time, orange puffles have not ever been seen yet. In 2011 for the April Fools party, Rookie had accidentally opened up several boxes inside of the Box Dimension which had led to many different dimensions. Penguins still do not know how many secrets the Box Dimension has in store for us, however, we have seen a few of them during the April Fools party when Rookie boxes up.