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Game Secrets: Pizzatron 3000

Are you a pizza chef in search of a more unique type of pizza to whip up in Pizzatron 3000? Don't waste your time with the boring old basic pizzas, try the all new candy pizzas! Want to know how you can create a candy pizza? Keep on reading! 

How to Achieve This Goal: 

The very first step to creating a candy pizza in Pizzatron 3000 is by entering the game. You can access Pizzatron 3000 at the Pizza Parlor located at the Plaza. For a more quicker way to get to Pizzatron3000, open up your map and click the button labeled, "Games" and then click the Pizzatron 3000 button located above the Forest's button. 

After you have entered Pizzatron 3000, pay close attention to the start screen. Before clicking the "Start" button, click the red lever in the upper left-hand corner of the start screen and make sure that the red arrow is pointing to the purple piece of candy and not the pizza. If you do not know what this lever looks like, take a look at the image above. Once you have switched the lever, click the "Start" button.