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Game Secrets: Bean Counters

Getting tired of the old Bean Counters game, and are looking for a new and exciting version of it? I have the perfect cheat for you! You are now enabled to play Bean Counters with sacks of jellybeans instead of sacks of coffee beans. Keep reading to learn how!

How to Achieve This Goal: 

The very first step to achieving this goal is by entering the game. You can access Bean Counters at the Coffee Shop located at the Town. For a more quicker way to get to Bean Counters, open up your map and click the button labeled, "Games" and click the Bean Counters button! The Bean Counters button will be on the left-hand side of the Town. 

Once at the start screen for Bean Counters, click the edge of the first bag your penguin is holding. If you are not quite sure where to click, take a look at the circled area in the picture above. If you do so, a lot of colorful jellybeans will fall out of the sack. When the beans are done spilling, click the pile of jellybeans. Once you have clicked the pile of jellybeans you are enabled to choose whether you would like to play the game on Easy, Medium or Hard!