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Biography: Icicle (the White Puffle)

>> Name: Icicle
>> Owner: Frosty Badge

As Frosty Badge's second puffle ever, Icicle has quite a history! Icicle used to wander around the Dojo finding out new mysteries and secretly learning the ways of a ninja. As puffle, his options are very limited in the ways of a ninja, but still favors the arts. Noticed by a penguin, he was taken to the Pet Shop to be adopted. Time passed as Icicle hoped someone would adopt him, until the perfect penguin waddled in looking for another puffle! That penguin was Frosty Badge. As much as Frosty Badge loves orange puffles, he also favors white puffles. Jumping up and down, Icicle yearned to be adopted by him. An idea then struck into Icicle's mind. He began to freeze the walls of the 'Adopt A Puffle' pen which caught Frosty Badge's eyes. With the love for winter in Frosty's heart, he thought Icicle was the perfect choice! He then adopted Icicle and brought him back to his igloo. 

Facts About Icicle: 
  • Icicle's favorite snack is cookies.---------- 
  • Icicle's favorite activities are ice skating, and playing meditating.--------- 
  • ---Icicle's favorite color is white.---------- 
  • Icicle's favorite mascot is Sensei.-------- 
  • ----Rawr's favorite room is the Ninja Hideout.----------- 
  • --Rawr's favorite party is the Card-Jitsu Party.----------