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Tips On Finding Sensei
Want to find Sensei? Below you can check out tips on how to find this very wise penguin along with his player card that you can view online when you meet him.

Online, his penguin is a grey penguin with a beige Japanese hat, grey eyebrows and a grey beard. He sometimes may be wearing a different outfit such as the Card-Jitsu Fire outfit, Card-Jitsu Water outfit or maybe even the Card-Jitsu Snow outfit! He only wears the robe though, so it won't be hard to find him in a crowd!

Sensei is most likely to fill a room fast! The rooms he tends to be in are the Dojo, Dojo Courtyard, Ninja Hideout, the Fire Dojo, the Water Dojo and maybe even the Snow Dojo! Other penguins may try to divert you from the room Sensei is really in, so when trying to get into a room, don't trust others usually. They may say he is on a different server, or in a different room, or maybe even say he isn't there at all but they could be just trying to get you to leave so they can have a more likely chance to get in. Besides, if they knew where he was, why wouldn't they be there?

There are usually a lot of penguins around him so you may want to check the crowd very closely to see which penguin looks exactly like him. Click his penguin and his player card will appear on your Club Penguin screen as the player card shown above.