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Mascot Files: Rocky and CeCe

Rocky and Cece were originally seen on Disney Channel's hit series, Shake It Up. As part of Disney Channel's recent creation, Make Your Mark, Club Penguin decided to bring these two young actresses to Club Penguin to meet penguins during 2012's Ultimate Jam party in July. Both characters in Club Penguin were controlled in real life by these famous celebrities. In Club Penguin, these two famous penguins handed out rare backgrounds and everyone had the chance to meet them as well as ask them questions. With them being them, they both answered tons of questions when in-game.

Clothing Items:

Rocky - she wears a brown curly wig with a shiny silver necklace and wrist band along with a white and gray striped shirt with a black sparkling jacket over topped with a pink zebra patterned skirt and black shoes. 

CeCe - she wears a red curly wig along with a blue shirt and a gray tank top with a British logo on it, a gray sparkly jacket, red pants and gray shoes. 

When you click on their penguins, you can see their player cards showing their items. 

Rocky and CeCe also hand out a background to those who meet them in-game.

This is Rocky and CeCe's very first background. You were able.. 
to receive this background from them when you met them.......
on the island. This background was only available from.........
July to August of 2012 for the Ultimate Jam..................

Rocky and CeCe was first seen in Club Penguin during the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam in July of 2012. If online, Rocky and CeCe will usually be crowded by many penguins either asking questions, yelling Rocky and CeCe or maybe even shouting "Add me!" Be sure to check the crowds for the penguins matching their descriptions to see if they're in the room.