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Mascot Trackers: Herbert and Klutzy Tracker

Tips On Finding Herbert and Klutzy

Want to find Herbert and Klutzy? Below you can check out tips on how to find these two partners in crime along with their player card that you can view online when you meet them.

Online, Herbert is not currently wearing any clothing items.

Unlike other famous penguins in Club Penguin, Herbert is considered a very TOP SECRET penguin to everyone but the secret agency on the island known as the Elite Penguin Force. Herbert accidentally arrived to Club Penguin in search of a warm place, but now that he's on the island, he's out to get revenge for: foiling his plans, partying a lot, being a very cold place and many others contributing to the list of reasons why he's so evil.

There are usually a lot of penguins around him so you may want to check the crowd very closely to see which character looks exactly like him, however, it should be very hard since he's the only polar bear on the island. Click his character and his player card will appear on your Club Penguin screen as the player card shown above.