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Tips On Finding Gary
Want to find Gary? Below you can check out what this inventive penguin's player card looks like along with tips on how to find this penguin when he's online.

Online, Gary is a blue penguin with a lab coat, a turquoise dress shirt along with a brown tie and a pair of glasses.

Gary can be in a full room at any moment, so good luck getting in! You can usually find him whereever the invention he created is during a party, but only when he is making visits! During the Halloween Party, you can sometimes find him in his lab!

Other penguins may try to divert you from the room Gary is really in, so when trying to get in, don't trust others. They may say he is on a different server, or in a different room ,or maybe isn't even there but they could just be trying to get you away so they can get in! Besides, if they knew where he was, why wouldn't they be there at the moment?

Gary can most often be found on the server Mammoth. He usually goes to other servers as well though, so you have about a 99% chance on finding him on a different server then just on Mammoth!

There are usually a lot of penguins around her so you may want to check the crowd very closely to see which penguin looks exactly like him. Click his penguin and his player card will appear on your Club Penguin screen with the player card shown above.