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Biography: Rawr (the Orange Puffle)

>> Name: Rawr
>> Owner: Frosty Badge

Rawr is a one-of-a-kind orange puffle. He is the first puffle Frosty Badge owned and is loved a lot. Every time Frosty Badge had gone to the Pet Shop, whether to take pictures or just to meet up with another penguin, Rawr always caught Frosty Badge's eye. Frosty Badge was tempted many times to buy him, but didn't have enough coins. Frosty Badge loved orange puffles, especially the one named Rawr. Rawr did everything to catch Frosty Badge's attention. Whether it was jumping up and down, sitting in his pen eyeballing him or just chewing on something - it always seemed to work. One day, Frosty Badge decided he should save up his coins in Cart Surfer to adopt Rawr. He earned over 800 coins so that he could buy pet furniture needed for Rawr to be comfortable in his igloo. He made a promise to himself. If Frosty Badge were to adopt Rawr, he would care for him, feed him, play with him, etc. Frosty Badge set up a place for Rawr in his igloo then adopted him. Rawr loved the igloo. Whenever Frosty Badge appeared in his igloo, Rawr ran up to him. 

Facts About Rawr: 

  • Rawr likes to eat anything, but his favorite food would have to be cake.-------- 
  • Rawr's favorite activities are dancing, eating and discovering new rooms.------- 
  • Rawr's favorite color is orange.---------- 
  • Rawr's favorite mascot is Cadence.---------- 
  • Rawr's favorite room is the Night Club.---------- 
  • Rawr's favorite party is the Ultimate Jam.---------