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Biography: Frosty Badge

>> Name: Frosty Badge 
>> Twitter: @FrostyBadge

Frosty Badge is a Club Penguin blogger. Frosty Badge originally created the website but always wanted to have a better website. With many improvements, he created the website Shortly after, he wished once more for an even better site. When he came up with the idea of buying a domain for his website, he didn't know what to name it. When he finally came up with the perfect name, he kept it a secret until the release date. was then born. Over the past few years, Frosty Badge has been blogging for Club Penguin and for the fans.

Frosty Badge also plays a few roles in Club Penguin. In Club Penguin, Frosty Badge is part of a top secret organization named the Elite Penguin Force. There, Frosty Badge does his part to help protect the island from all threats, including the evil polar bear known has Herbert Percival Bear, Esquire. Frosty Badge is also a Tour Guide. With that occupation, he can help penguins on the island understand more about the island. Lastly, Frosty Badge is also a ninja. All released elements are the elements Frosty Badge has mastered with the help of the wise, grey penguin, Sensei. There are many other unlisted roles that Frosty Badge is a member of, such as clothing items with special dances.

In Club Penguin, his penguin name is Frosty Badge. When you click on his penguin, you will see the following player card in order to know which penguin is him. Note: Frosty Badge's outfits change often as well as backgrounds. However, his penguin name will never change on his player card nor on his penguin when seen waddling around. Below, I have listed the outfit he wears frequently, but the player card changes to match his penguin's current outfit on the island.

Clothing Items:
Frosty Badge wears the Side Swept hair style along with the Pilot's Jacket, the Heather Grey Scarf and the Squeak-Proof Shoes! Frosty Badge does not wear any hand or face items as part of his main outfit.

Some Facts About Frosty Badge:
• Frosty Badge's favorite Club Penguin party is the Holiday Party. 
• Frosty Badge's favorite superhero is Batman. 
• Frosty Badge's favorite color is blue. 
• Frosty Badge first began blogging in January of 2011. 
• Frosty Badge loves to jam to many types of music.