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Starter Guide: Understanding the Map!

The map is a great way to get around the island. You can use to to access the main rooms in Club Penguin, visit some popular shops, check out penguins' igloos and even find a few hidden areas. In the upper left-hand corner of the map are four buttons you can click. There's the Games button, the Places button, the Shops button and the Pets button. 


Games - When you click the Game button, all the games on the island will appear onto the map enabling you to click one of them and be taken to the room the game is in. The games that'll appear are: Jet Pack Adventure, Sled Racing, Ice Fishing, Hydro Hopper, Bean Counters, Smoothie Smash, DJ3K, Arcade, Dance Contest, Puffle Launch, Pufflescape, Puffle Roundup, Puffle Rescue, Pizzatron 3000, Cart Surfer, Catchin' Waves, Aqua Grabber and Card-Jitsu Fire, Water, and Snow. 

Places - When you click the Places button, all of the main rooms on the island will be highlighted on the map. The main rooms that'll be highlighted are: The Beach, the Ski Hill, the Ski Village, the Dock, the Town, the Snow Forts, the Stadium, the Plaza, the Forest, the Cove, the Mine, the Dojo and penguins' igloos. 

Shops - When you click the Shops button, all of the shops on the island will appear onto the map enabling you to click one of them and be taken to the shop. The shops that'll appear are: the Music Catalog, the Sled Racing Game Upgrade, the Hydro Hopper Game Upgrade, the DJ3K Game Upgrade, the Ice Fishing Game Upgrade, the Penguin Style catalog, the Snow and Sports catalog, the Pet Furniture catalog, the Costume Trunk, the Catchin' Waves Game Upgrade and the Martial Artworks catalog. 

Pets - When you click the Pets button, all of the puffle-related games and shops will appear onto the map enabling you to click one of them and be taken to the room the game or shop is in. The games and shops that'll appear are: the Arcade, Puffle Care, Puffle Launch, Puffle Roundup, Pufflescape, Puffle Adoption, the Pet Furniture catalog, Puffle Rescue, and the Rainbow Quest. 

1. The Beach, Lighthouse, Beacon, Ship, Crow's Nest, Ship Hold, and Captain Quarters 

2. The Ski Hill 

3. The Ski Village, Everyday Phoning Facility, Command Room, Ski Lodge and the Attic 

4. The Dock 

5. The Town, Coffee Shop, Dance Club, Dance Lounge, Boiler Room and Clothes Shop 

6. The Snow Forts 

7. The Stadium 

8. The Plaza, Pet Shop, Stage and Pizza Parlor, Puffle Hotel, Puffle HotelSpa/Gym, Puffle Hotel Rooftop, and Underground Pool 

9. The Forest and the Hidden Lake 

10. The Cove 

11. The Mine Shack, the Mine, the Underground Pool, Club Penguin University, the Underwater Room, Boiler Room, Hidden Lake and Cave Mine 

12. The Ice Berg 

13. The Dojo, Fire Dojo, Water Dojo, and Snow Dojo 

14. Other Penguins' Igloos and Your Igloo 

When a party is currently on in Club Penguin, you will often see a small portion of the map in the upper right-hand corner dedicated to the party. This portion of the map will often allow you to teleport directly to one of the main rooms on the island decorated for the party.