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Starter Guide: The Club Penguin Rules!

When joining the fun in the wonderful world of Club Penguin, it's always important that you follow the rules to help keep the island a fun and safe environment for others to waddle around in. In Club Penguin, there are four important rules for you to abide by.

1) Respect Others: In Club Penguin, bullying, harassing or even being mean to another player is not tolerated in any way. You can be kicked from the server or maybe even banned depending on the situation. It is always important that you play fair and be friendly with other penguins on the island.

2) No Bad Words: One of the most common offenses in Club Penguin is the use of foul language. In Club Penguin, you are not permitted to swear, use racism, talk about drugs, sex, alcohol, use inappropriate behavior or even use harsh words to another player. You can be kicked from the server or maybe even banned given the situation.

3) Stay Safe Online: It's always wise to stay safe when online. Be sure to keep your real name, email addresses, passwords and phone numbers private. Sharing passwords can result in someone using your penguin's coins, changing your igloo, adding or removing penguins on your buddy list, changing your clothing items or maybe even getting your penguin banned! It is highly important that you never share any personal information. Sharing personal information in Club Penguin can result in a kick from the server or possibly even a ban depending on the situation.

4) No Cheating: Another common offense is cheating. The use of third party programs is not not allowed. Any method used to cheat Club Penguin's system is against the rules. Attempted game manipulation often results in a ban forever from the island. You can also be kicked from the server or banned for a lower amount of time depending on the situation.

---What happens if i'm banned forever?---
If your penguin is banned forever, that penguin is never allowed to log into Club Penguin again unless unbanned by a Club Penguin worker. If your penguin is banned forever, you will not be able to access your clothing items, puffles, igloo items, membership accessories, etc. Memberships, clothing items, etc. can not be transferred to another penguin.

---If I see a penguin in-game breaking the Club Penguin rules, what should I do?---
If you see a penguin breaking the Club Penguin rules in-game, you always have the option to report the player's actions to a Moderator. To report a penguin, click the penguin. When their player card opens up, you can click the Moderator badge button then select the reason you are reporting the player for then submit it. A moderator will then review it.

---What is a Moderator?---
A Moderator is a Club Penguin worker that helps keep Club Penguin a fun and safe environment by enforcing the Club Penguin rules, approving appropriate penguin names, answering emails, reviewing chat longs and incident reports to make sure penguins are not breaking the rules and monitoring the frosty island live.